Summer, sea makeup

Summer, sea makeup
Summer, sea makeup

It's summer, time for sea vacations. Every woman wants to look hot on the beach but should we wear makeup on the beach and what would be the appropriate makeup? In order to answer these questions, we turned to Diana Borisova, who is the main make-up artist of the show "Ogledala" and leads make-up courses at the Fiore studio.

Her opinion is that during the summer at the sea a very light cream foundation should be used in order not to get build-ups, but to preserve a he althy tan. In any case, there should be a base on which a darker foundation is placed. Make-up should not be strong in any case, the eyes are slightly highlighted with brown, warm shades, coral colors, turquoise, which merges with the sea as a color, glosses are placed on the lips in the raspberry range.

If we wear make-up on the beach, which is not recommended, but many girls like to be made-up, it is good to apply waterproof mascara to avoid the unpleasant effect of running of the helix when we come out of the sea. It is mandatory to start with sunscreen foundations with the necessary factor depending on the skin type, we can afford to put blushes with satin and brocade particles that look very good on tanned skin, and also powders with brocade particles that emphasize the tan of the skin and they fit very well. Golden tones are also suitable for marine makeup.

When the face burns from the sun, we need to let the skin calm down. In order to avoid this unpleasant moment, we must necessarily prepare the skin for the sun by applying sunscreen creams 15 minutes before exposure to the sun. The entire face is smeared, especially the protruding parts such as the nose, forehead, etc. When we have overexposed the sun, we have to put a green base that neutralizes the redness and then on top of it we can put the appropriate foundation, which again has to be light so that it doesn't sit too heavy on the face.

Freckles and sun spots are covered up with special correctors in the yellowish range. They are applied with a special brush to the spots, and then with our fingers we cover the corresponding area evenly with circular movements, after which we apply foundation.

Following these simple rules, we will look good and confident in the hot summer days.

If you need professional advice, you can contact Diana Borisova:

Studio Fiore

ul. "Krum Popov" 76A, entrance A, fl. 4

tel.: 0888 22 39 13

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