Cosmetics for fresh skin without wrinkles

Cosmetics for fresh skin without wrinkles
Cosmetics for fresh skin without wrinkles

Bio cosmetics is not just another green cause that everyone is crazy about. This kind of products is the most natural way to look beautiful and at the same time be he althy.

Despite thinking that organic products are terribly expensive - this is not true. Most of them are at affordable prices, no higher than commercial products, but they hide one important quality - they protect our he alth.

What is organic cosmetics?

These are cosmetic products for the face and body (creams, make-up, shampoos, soaps, balms, etc.), the ingredients of which, however, are made САМО from natural products from nature.Not only products, but also the way they are prepared is environmentally friendly, protecting our planet.

The newest admirers of organic cosmetics are actors. Since heavy makeup is a daily routine for them, it is very important what cosmetics they use to protect the skin from premature aging. Therefore, the first "green" theater of its kind became the Bulgarian Army Theater, announced its director Mitko Todorov at a special press conference.

He and Ioana Bukovska, the face of organic cosmetic brands Logona and Sante, announced that the actors in the theater are joining the green cause and they will all use only organic cosmetics.

"We are proud to be the first "green" theater in Bulgaria. Although a theater with traditions, we are brave enough to be pioneers in this field and I think that this will brought us only positives," said the director of the "Bulgarian Army".

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