7 ways to look younger with makeup

7 ways to look younger with makeup
7 ways to look younger with makeup

Keeping a he althy diet and using appropriate cosmetics are two of the secrets of skinwithout wrinkles, with a young and vibrant appearance without premature aging. However, the makeup you use and especially how you use it also matters, because using the wrong makeup can make you look older

It is important not only what look you choose, but also in what colors you "dress" your face and in what quantity.

To help you look younger with the right makeup, we're going to introduce some tricks to help you look fresher.

Be careful with the concealer

If you are using a powder foundation concealer, be careful when applying it. Do not add too thick and heavy a layer on the skin, because this will cause the make-up to "break" with the facial movements. The result will be the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that you don't have otherwise.

Don't apply too much foundation

Abuse of foundation can also play a bad joke, because too thick a layer of this product also causes wrinkles. Instead, apply a lighter, thinner layer of foundation and set it in with a light pink shimmer on the cheekbones. Moisturize the skin well beforehand.

Use cream blush strategically

Cream blush is great for the skin as long as it is applied correctly. For the best effect, use pink and peach tones to blend with a suitable application brush. Apply to the cheekbones, but don't forget the center of the forehead.This will give more glow and a fresh look to the skin.


Avoid dark eyeshadow colors

Smoky makeup is beautiful, but it's also pretentious. It is suitable for evening events with dimmed light. The rest of the time, using shadows that are too dark can make you look older and weighed down.

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If using lip liner, apply as delicately as possible

Lip liner is a great product that helps lipstick stay in place for a long time as well as giving your lips a full contour. However, applying the wrong color as well as going too thick on the line can age you at least 10 years.

Add some oils to your foundation

To make your skin look younger and fresher, you can add a little of your favorite nourishing facial oil to your foundation. This will make its texture smoother and softer.

Change your lipstick color

If you've been using dark lipstick colors until now, it's time to rethink that habit. To give a more youthful and fresh look to your face, it's time to replace the dark shades in the lipstick with softer, light and mouth-watering tones that rejuvenate.

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