How can makeup age you?

How can makeup age you?
How can makeup age you?

Makeup is a woman's means of beautification. However, we often make makeup mistakes that age us. Who are they?

You're using the wrong foundation

Foundation that has a matte or powdery formula is not suitable for middle-aged women. Even women over 30 can go wrong using it. This kind of foundation texture runs the risk of it building up in wrinkles and fine lines on the face during the day. Thus, they become even more visible and emphasized.

You're applying blush to the wrong place

If you apply the blush directly on the cheekbones, it definitely ages you. This method is old fashioned and makes you optically look older. Instead, apply under the edge of the cheekbone along the base of the cheekbone.

Appropriate colors are peach, pink, pale strawberry - anything that is not too red or too brown.

You apply thick black eyeliner or pencil

Overly thickened contour around the eyes ages optically. In addition, it is not a particularly current technique in makeup. Forget about the way you're used to doing your makeup so far and break the pattern. Check out the latest makeup trends and check your watch.


You can make the contours around the eye thinner and replace the deep black with dark brown. You will take a few years off your face.

You are overdoing the mascara

Too matted mascara makes you look older. Thick eyelashes are beautiful and always in fashion, but clumped and weighed down by too much mascara threatens the look and ages. Be careful when applying the mascara, brush the lashes to remove excess mascara.

Too thin eyebrows

Once it was fashionable to have eyebrows as thin as possible. But that is now out of fashion. The thicker and more natural the eyebrows, the more youthful you will look.

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