How to make eyelashes longer?

How to make eyelashes longer?
How to make eyelashes longer?

Long eyelashes are like a blessing for women – they turn the look into irresistible and seductive in a second.

Even if you don't apply any other makeup on your face, you will surely look much different and beautiful than usual.

Exactly for this reason, women often resort to additional products such as false eyelashes.

This option is good, but it is very short-lived and carries risks of various inflammations and irritations due to the adhesives.

Besides, placing them in such a way that it is not visible requires long training and strong nerves. There is also an easier way to do it yourself and make your own lashes look significantly longer and curled.

You will need:

Hair dryer

Eyelash curler

What to do:

While drying your hair, use the hot stream of the hair dryer to warm up the eyelash curler. Depending on the strength and temperature, the time required will be between 15 and 20 seconds.

Make sure you're warm, but not too warm so you don't burn your lashes.

Use the curler in the way you normally shape your eyelashes and be sure to quickly apply at least two coats of mascara to keep the effect as long as possible.

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