The benefits of dry skin

The benefits of dry skin
The benefits of dry skin

Some of you may disagree, but dry skin type is preferable to oily skin. Naturally, as with everything else, extremes are not desirable here, but objectively speaking, dry skin creates comparatively fewer problems for its owners. What are the main benefits of dry skin?

Less pimples and blackheads

The main complaints of women with oily skin are related to acne and blackheads. Clogged skin pores suggest easy formation of inflammation and pimples, while women with dry skin are not prone to these painful and face-threatening blemishes.

Does not attract dust and dirt

Oily skin like a magnet attracts dust and dirty particles from the air, which, mixing with the fat separated from the pores, form an unpleasant sticky layer.It in turn blocks the pores and prevents her from breathing. In addition to being unpleasant to the touch, such leather is also repulsive in appearance due to the permanent shine. Unlike her, dry skin has a matte shade and this is an undeniable plus for her.

It's easier to make up

On oily skin, make-up is difficult to fix, and apart from the fact that it takes a long time to achieve a good result, it remains good for too short a time. For women with dry skin, things are quite different. Applying a nourishing lotion and a good foundation completes the conditions for easy and long-lasting makeup. It remains only to have skillful hands and good taste, as well as quality makeup. It's almost guaranteed that you won't need to touch up your makeup throughout the day.

Of course - dry skin has its problems. They should not be neglected in any case, putting in the first place the good and regular hydration of the exposed parts of the body – the face and hands.The appearance of scaly and rough areas on the skin are a signal of serious avitaminosis and dehydration of the body. To keep your skin looking he althy and beautiful, it's worth investing in very good quality moisturizers and sunscreens. The result of this care will not be late.

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