Makeup trends for spring 2013

Makeup trends for spring 2013
Makeup trends for spring 2013

At New York Fashion Week, you can't help but notice the unconventional, original, stylish and strange outfits of the models. However, there are other things that are different every time and to which it is important to pay attention - makeup and hairstyle.

We can judge the makeup trends for spring 2013 by the beautiful girls on the catwalk. Here are some of the innovations that fashion will soon bring to our territory:

Bright, light eyeshadow

You may have seen women with hot pink eyeshadow or electric blue eyeliner before. And if before it was demonstrative extravagance, now things are getting serious. The models not only have bright shadows, but also pencil and even mascara of the same color.Made up like this, they look somehow fabulously alien.

Strongly defined eyebrows

Eyebrows are now not only thickened with a pencil, but also shaped, lengthened and "twisted". It would hardly be appropriate to experiment like them, changing the curve of your eyebrows every day, but if you want to make an impression (with a lot of effort it can be a good impression) at a formal dinner, grab the pencil. Judging by the models, there is no room for error, as long as there are even those with elongated eyebrows to the nose.

Natural Makeup

Remember how until very recently we could find all the colors of the rainbow in the eye shadows of the more discerning ladies. Achieving an iridescent effect and combining all the colors is a real art, but after all, we are not at a carnival in Rio de Janeiro - it's time to return to our more natural appearance. Already in 2006, in the movie Stranger than Fiction, Emma Thompson proved that even on the set you can do without makeup.A light foundation, possibly powder and a subtle lipstick and we're done!

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