Correct eyebrow shaping

Correct eyebrow shaping
Correct eyebrow shaping

There is almost no woman who does not shape her eyebrows in some way. Eyebrow plucking is a must if we want to avoid looking like a cavewoman.

But with styling comes a lot of bugs. Many women admit them without realizing it. To protect yourself from these common eyebrow shaping mistakes, check out what to watch out for!

Eyebrows should start from the right place

Before you start shaping your eyebrows, make sure they start in the right place. Eyebrows should be neither too long nor too short. Their beginning should be on the same mental line with the outer wall of the nostrils.If you find it difficult to judge by eye this thought line, take a pencil or ruler to measure accurately.

Use the right mirror

Many women make the mistake of using a magnifying mirror when shaping their eyebrows. However, this gives a vague judgment of the overall look of the eyebrows. So you easily distort the line, thin the eyebrows and make them different. You don't want that, do you?

Always use the normal mirror. It will help you to judge the necessary distance and shape when machining.

Don't trim your eyebrows

Many women do it, especially those with blonde hair, to avoid dyeing their eyebrows and get the effect of lighter eyebrows at the same time.

In truth, very few women really need their eyebrows trimmed. You risk endangering your eyebrows, because trimming, especially non-professional ones, carries the risk of uneven shortening and the appearance of "bald spots" on the eyebrows.


Also, you run the risk of your eyebrows snapping in certain places, which can cause comical reactions. Worse, by trimming you can provoke overgrowth of your eyebrows, and you don't want that, do you?

Don't smear your eyebrows with anything

The most common mistake that almost all women make is smearing their eyebrows with anything - face creams, foundations, powders, concealers, sunscreen lotions, moisturizers. This happens because when painting the face it is very difficult to avoid the area around the eyebrows and the eyebrows themselves.

The truth is that eyebrows don't need these products. By applying them on them, you risk causing thinning of the eyebrows, shedding of hairs and even prevention of growth. It should be kept in mind that the hair follicles of the hair and eyebrows are not the same and do not need the same treatment products.

Get a good eyebrow pencil

If you haven't used a pencil for, now is the time to do it. But choose the right one - it matters! With the help of consultants, choose the right color that will suit your face. Just make sure the brown tones don't have any red undertones unless that's your goal.

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