Summer 2022 makeup trends

Summer 2022 makeup trends
Summer 2022 makeup trends

Summer is in full swing - the days are long, filled with laughter, fun and plans for sunny vacations. We are tired of the grayness of the city, boring clothes and the limitations of everyday life. We want something colorful, extravagant, memorable. Colorful clothes? Of course! Crazy manicure? Why not! And the makeup?! What's hot this season? We offer you some ideas with which you can show everyone that fashion and trends are in your blood! Here's who they are:

Smudged eyeliner

Want to achieve a smoky makeup effect, but without using black shadows? No problem! This season, you can recreate this look much easier – all you need is a black eyeliner! Apply it to the lid like eyeliner, then blend with a small brush.The goal is to create a smoky makeup effect without looking for a perfect line.

Pastel Shades

If you are a fan of the so-called "nudes", this trend is just for you. This type of shadows are perfectly combined with the pastel tones of clothes and accessories. Pair with a neutral-toned lipstick and highlight the brows with lipstick.

Shaggy eyebrows

This is the makeup trend that literally blew up social media this season. Tousled, fluffy and voluminous - that's how eyebrows should be this summer. Another condition is that they look as natural as possible. You can achieve such an effect with make-up, wax or eyebrow soap - 3 new products that have dawned on the make-up scene. To do this – apply the selected product at the beginning of the eyebrows and direct the hairs upwards, creating the effect of additional volume.


Color Shadows

In tune with the colors of summer, this trend invites us to be bold, experiment, be fun and not blend in with the crowd. Choose bright yellow eyeshadow and apply pink eyeliner.

Colorless lip gloss

The year 2022 is completely under the control of the 90s. Colorless lip gloss is one trend that brings us right back there. You don't need to highlight or contour. Just apply a thin layer of clear gloss. If you still want to visually increase the volume of your lips, apply a lip pencil just above the lip line.

Makeup “without makeup”

T. The so-called "No makeup-makeup" - or literally makeup type "without makeup" is a trend that is very easily applicable for the summer, as it requires minimal effort, and the effect is completely natural. The goal is for the face to be bright and fresh without visible makeup. Use lighter formulas – CC or BB cream instead of foundation, eyebrow gel instead of pencil, lipstick in a natural shade. Apply blush in pale pink and don't forget to put on highlighter.

Eye shadows

This trend is only for bolder ladies. Choose neon and colorful shadows and instead of applying them in the traditional way - on the lid - place them under the eyes. The trend is suitable for parties, festivals and outdoor events. Summer is in full swing. Be brave!

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