What can change our eye color?

What can change our eye color?
What can change our eye color?

What color are your eyes? Did you know that there are factors that can change it? See more in the following lines.

Mood can affect eye color

The emotions we feel can affect the color of our eyes, it turns out. Whether it is intense anger or a rush of happiness, the frequency of the heartbeat changes, our breathing quickens, it can become more difficult, and the color of the irises also changes. It can become brighter, sometimes darker or lighter. The iris becomes more saturated when a person is happy.

Eyes can change with age

If a baby is born with gray eyes, you may be surprised at the color of his eyes later on.The secret of blue eyes, also called the "sky effect", is the small presence of melanin in the irises, which scatters the light and reveals an even brighter, blue color. The eye color of many babies between the ages of 3 and 18 months can change and become darker if the amount of melanocytes in their irises becomes greater.

Also, people who are from mountainous regions are often born with blue eyes, and their eye color later changes to hazel. In some cases, children's eye color may not be established until the age of 12, but it mostly depends on the parents' eye color.

According to recent studies, there are 16 genes that influence eye color.

Eating Raw Food and Detox

According to a theory in alternative medicine, the color of the irises and the he alth of the internal organs are connected. This direction in medicine is called iridology, but since there is not enough evidence base, it is considered pseudoscientific.


According to Dr. Robert Morse, who is a he alth expert, the outer quadrant is related to the he alth of the brain, while the inner circle is related to the digestive system. He says that many fruits and vegetables that we eat can have an effect on eye color. The scientist does several studies, recording their results. This photo shows the eyes of a girl who has been vegan for 6 years. According to Morse, a high concentration of yellow hues means a high number of toxins.

The girl managed to improve the work of her digestive system and her eye color changed from green-brown to lighter and more intense, and the white part of the eyes also became clearer.

According to Morse, spinach helps keep eyes youthful and bright, honey can add warm undertones, and seafood makes eye color more intense. Olive oil, onions and nuts also make an impact.

The makeup and clothes we wear also make an impact

If your eyes are brown, try wearing makeup, clothes or accessories in gold, pink, bright green to make your irises look lighter.

In case your eyes are blue or green, you can increase the intensity of the eye color by making colors like turquoise, emerald and blue a part of your look. Neutral colors such as white, gray and black will emphasize the natural color of the eyes.

There are people with chameleon eyes

There are people who can boast of chameleon eyes and change their color. Scientists believe that this is a phenomenon and that usually the owners of blue-green and hazel eyes have a "chameleon" color.

According to research, the consistent change in eye color may be related to processes in the nervous and endocrine systems and the amount of melanin. Chameleon eyes react to stress, romantic feelings and fatigue, their change can also be related to the environment, climate change.

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