Beautiful eyelashes without mascara? Definitely

Beautiful eyelashes without mascara? Definitely
Beautiful eyelashes without mascara? Definitely

Beautiful eyelashes have always been one of the few ways to significantly change our look.

We've all seen the amazing effect just one application of mascara has and how it's instantly noticed by others.

The problem with this type of cosmetic product is that it requires some care when applying. One wrong move and we might have to wipe it all clean and start over. Even unconscious blinking causes black dots on the eyelid that are hard to clean and smudge easily.

Another point with mascara is the fact that you also need time - you can't just go through the brush and immediately get out.

Professional makeup artists say that at least six repetitions are necessary when layering. The principle is as follows – you apply, wait for it to dry and then apply again.

This technique can yield good results, but it's definitely not always the way we want to invest our time.

We present to you an easy way to achieve dark and expressive eyelashes with just one application.

1. First step

On a small comb, apply a small amount of black eyeliner along the entire length. You can use an eyebrow shaper, but the teeth must be small and the distance between them must be small.

2. Step Two

Comb the eyelashes carefully and be careful not to stick the hairs to each other. As the comb passes, in addition to separating and shaping, you apply the dark eyeliner, which sets and holds them in the way you set.

3. Step Three

Use an eyelash curler to enhance the effect of a mystical look and wait for it to dry well.

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