8 benefits of vitamin E for hair and skin

8 benefits of vitamin E for hair and skin
8 benefits of vitamin E for hair and skin

We know that there are a number of vitamins that are useful and important for the he alth and beauty of our skin and hair. Good examples are biotin, vitamins C, A. Not to mention vitamin E. It does an excellent job of free radicals caused by stress, sun rays, environment, lifestyle. How does it help our beauty? Here are some good examples.

Vitamin E acts as a moisturizing agent. Vitamin E is fat soluble. It is heavier in consistency, but when applied to the skin, it is said to help prevent moisture loss and has a brightening effect. Vitamin E can also be added to homemade masks for the face, hair, it is available liquid and in the form of capsules that you can cut open.

Helps in hair growth. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant for hair condition. It helps improve blood circulation, which is important for hair growth. It is also believed to repair dry and damaged hair follicles, promoting he althy hair growth.

Reduces the risk of premature aging of the skin. Helps the synthesis of collagen, whose task is to maintain the elasticity of the skin and thus reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Helps lighten dark spots. One of the damages that free radicals do to the skin is hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E in combination with olive oil or a suitable skin moisturizer can reduce pigment spots. Of course, if well tolerated, this care should be within a few weeks.

For a he althier scalp. It is the basis of he althy and beautiful hair. The condition of the scalp is determined by a number of elements such as pH levels, sebum production, scalp circulation and hair follicle he alth.The vitamin provides moisture and soothes the sebaceous glands, balances the various elements.

Helps with stretch marks. We cannot completely remove stretch marks with cosmetic care, but we can reduce their size. According to some Western sources, regular application of the vitamin to problem areas can have a positive effect on stretch marks.

For less split ends Vitamin E care, when using products that are enriched with it or adding it to homemade hair masks, helps not only improve the condition of the scalp and stimulating hair growth, but also to repair the hair cuticles, which means less split ends.

Use on dry cuticles around the nails. Applying vitamin E around the nails is a great way to reduce dryness and flaking of the skin in these areas.

Here you can see which foods are rich in the vitamin.

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