Home remedies for muscle pain

Home remedies for muscle pain
Home remedies for muscle pain

Muscle pain can strike us at any time. It occurs both during physical activity and during immobility and prolonged sitting. To deal with it without resorting to drugs, you can try some effective ways to relieve it.

Cherry juice

Cherry juice contains high levels of anthocyanins and antioxidants that reduce muscle pain and inflammation. People who regularly jog or participate in marathons regularly drink fresh cherry juice to reduce muscle soreness after a long workout.

Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice is very suitable for soothing muscle pain and cramps because it has a natural anti-inflammatory effect. It contains amino acids that stimulate the recovery of muscle tissue after training.


Massage performed by a professional is an important part of muscle recovery and the removal of inflammation and pain. It stimulates blood circulation, which contributes to nourishing the muscle tissue with substances and oxygen, thus stimulating their recovery.


One common mistake in muscle pain is immobilization. It is recommended to do just the opposite – to move carefully to stimulate blood circulation in the muscles and their recovery. Exercise intensity should not be overdone to have a positive effect.


Sleep is the most natural mechanism by which muscles and the whole body recover. Prolonged and undisturbed sleep within 8 hours stimulates the healing processes in the cells, reduces pain, suppresses inflammation and helps with the proper exchange of substances in the body.

Cold compress

A very common mistake for muscle pain, cramps and minor training injuries is applying a hot compress to the affected area. This further increases the inflammation and raises the temperature inside the tissues.

Instead, place a cold compress on the affected area. It helps suppress inflammation and reduce pain plus speed up the recovery process of muscle fibers.

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