5 alternative uses of micellar water

5 alternative uses of micellar water
5 alternative uses of micellar water

Since its existence, micellar water has made life easier for many women who use it. It removes make-up instantly and does not even require rinsing, which makes its use even easier and faster.

In case you're wondering exactly how it works, micellar water contains molecules called micelles that have the ability to draw out makeup, dirt, and build-up from the skin.

It turns out that the properties of micellar water far exceed its primary purpose. It can be useful in many more areas in everyday life. See which ones.

To clean the makeup cabinet

Every woman has a place in her home where she keeps beauty products. However, they often leave marks on surfaces, especially when spilled, dropped, or left standing for a long time.

Even the most stubborn makeup stains on the cabinet, shelf or sink can be removed with micellar water. Just rub the stain with a pad soaked in micellar water and you're done. You don't even need to rinse.

Makeup Correction

Everyone sometimes gets out of line when applying eyeliner or pencil. Not to mention the mascara. Applying rich lipstick also risks hand-blinking mistakes.

All of these can be easily corrected with an ear stick soaked in a little micellar water.

Skin Refresh

Imagine you are outside in the summer heat, you are not wearing makeup and your face is dirty and greasy. Or maybe you're in the gym, but you don't have the opportunity to wash your face properly after training. Micellar water plays a great role in this case.

Fill a spray bottle with some micellar water and spray the face. It will refresh you, remove impurities and there will be no need to wash and rinse your face while taking a shower.

To remove artificial tan

Fake tan products are saturated and putting them on with your hands is sometimes a real challenge to clean up. Artificial tan falls off easily from unwanted areas with the help of micellar water.

Removing makeup stains from clothes and fabrics

You're putting on foundation and suddenly a drop falls on your blouse or on the carpet. Unpleasant, really, because this product, as well as lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, are among the most stubborn to remove from textiles.

Not if you use micellar water. It penetrates the fabric and dissolves makeup, making it disappear instantly. Then wash as usual.

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