5 reasons not to use wet makeup wipes

5 reasons not to use wet makeup wipes
5 reasons not to use wet makeup wipes

Using wet wipes to remove makeup is convenient on the one hand and widely used because of this by many women. But on the other hand, this use carries a number of risks and is harmful to the skin. Why?

1. They don't completely remove makeup

Probably any of you who have used wet wipes to remove makeup have found that a lot of makeup remains after using them. In addition to makeup, there are also accumulations of dirt, dead cells, and sebum. The downside is that using wipes doesn't involve rinsing, which further complicates the problem.

This can cause infections, acne, inflammation, wrinkles.

2. They irritate and dry out the skin

Wet wipes contain chemicals that keep them moist for a long time due to their long-term use. That is why they are soaked in preservatives and alcohols that damage the skin deeply and cause irritation and skin problems. If you still have no other choice and must use wipes, rinse after use to remove the chemicals from your skin.

3. They are extremely harmful to the area around the eyes

It is there that usually the most emphasis is placed on removing make-up, because it is also in the largest quantities around the eyes. Also, the traces of black mascara, eyeliner or eyeliner are the most persistent when removed.


The area around the eyes has thin and delicate skin, prone to irritation and inflammation. The systematic use of wet wipes in this delicate area implies the creation of conditions for the appearance of inflammation, pigmentation, bags under the eyes, puffy eyelids, wrinkles, fine lines.

4. They neutralize the effect of your cosmetic products

Cosmetic products, whether designed to fight wrinkles or skin irritations and inflammations, require application to well-cleansed skin. Otherwise, they just don't work in your favor. The penetration of beneficial substances is hindered if the skin is not cleaned perfectly, and it is not when you use wet wipes.

5. They are not biodegradable

Unfortunately, these products are not suitable from a natural point of view. They are thrown away with general garbage, which pollutes the planet.

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