7 conditions that cause night sweats

7 conditions that cause night sweats
7 conditions that cause night sweats

Unless it is related to the summer heat, night sweats are usually a symptom of some he alth-threatening conditions.

Waking up thirsty, but at the same time feeling restless and floating in water? It could be that your bedroom is too hot or you have chosen the wrong bedding. But the reason may also be in some of these circumstances or he alth conditions:

Treatment with antidepressants

Some types of antidepressants cause night sweats. Read the package leaflet of your medication carefully and discuss it with your doctor.


A common symptom in women at this age is the appearance of night sweats and restless sleep. This condition is usually controlled with appropriate treatment.


Night sweats are a sign of various types of cancer, including leukemia, liver cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer. Some types of cancer treatment could also cause night sweats, fever.

Low Testosterone

Decreased amounts of the male hormone can cause night sweats in men. It most often occurs in men over 40 or 50, but it can also occur in younger men.


Tuberculosis is among the most common causes of night sweats among patients with such an infectious disease. However, she is not the only cause of this problem. Other infections can also be the cause of night sweats, including osteomyelitis, pneumonia, abscess, sepsis.

Low Blood Sugar

Most people worry if their blood sugar spikes, but they don't realize that low levels are just as dangerous.At excessively low glucose levels, there is a risk of even falling into a coma and death in the event of an untimely reaction. Otherwise, one of the symptoms is the appearance of night sweats.

Drinking alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol before bed or late at night. It takes time for the body to process it, during which time thermoregulatory mechanisms can be disrupted. Therefore, not only night sweats appear, but also serious disturbances in the quality of sleep.

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