Causes of bad sweat smell

Causes of bad sweat smell
Causes of bad sweat smell

Sweat is an unpleasant part of us. It is how our body gets rid of toxins and controls its temperature. Without it, we probably couldn't survive for long. But nevertheless it bothers us, oppresses us, disgusts us, and we wonder how to cover it up, and in some cases even remove it.

Some people have probably noticed that sweat has a different smell on different people. If you concentrate more, you will feel that your own sweat also has a different smell at different times. What is this due to?


Stress is one of the most powerful drivers and regulators of what substances will be excreted in your sweat, and what it will smell like. Under stress, the skin is saturated with cortisol, a stress hormone that gives a strong body odor.Mixed with the bacteria and excrement in the sweat, it causes a sour, unpleasant odor.


Certain Matters

The fabrics from which the clothes are made can also cause a bad smell. Don't be surprised if your sweat in a cotton blouse doesn't smell, but in one made of polyester, it does. Artificial fabrics prevent the natural evaporation of sweat. It stays on the skin, and the artificial material intensifies the smell and keeps the bacteria on the skin captive.

Deodorant may be inappropriate

Not all deodorants are suitable for all skin types. Some people with different body hormonal balance need stronger protection while others don't.

In most cases, people turn to antiperspirants - specialized anti-perspirant deodorants. They contain aluminum s alts, which in contact with the skin and substances released through sweat can cause a bad smell.

Some medications

Medications can be the basis of the unpleasant and strong smell of sweat that appears. Medicinal ingredients are carried throughout the body through the blood and are therefore emitted through the skin and through sweat. Here's how one of your medications may have caused your bad sweat odor.


Some foods

The foods you consume also matter. For example, garlic causes not only bad breath, but also a strong smell of sweat. This is due to the sulfur compounds in it, which combined with the bacteria in the skin can have bad consequences for your well-being.

In other cases, the lack of certain substances can also be the basis of the bad smell of sweat. If you're deficient in magnesium, for example, your deodorant may not be able to cover up bad odor.

Frequency of going to the toilet

It is important not to squeeze when you need to go to the toilet no matter what the need, because the retention of toxins in the body has bad consequences. Returning excrement to the body saturates it with new toxins, and so the vicious circle makes you smell bad.

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