Makeup mistakes that give away your age

Makeup mistakes that give away your age
Makeup mistakes that give away your age

Every woman wants to look young and fresh for as long as possible. We try to eat well, exercise and meditate. But sometimes even a strict diet and plenty of sun protection in summer can't hide the marks that time leaves on our faces. Then cosmetics come to the rescue - we try to cover up dark circles around the eyes, pigment spots and sagging skin. But are we really succeeding? Choosing the right products is key. The most important rule when choosing cosmetics is to bet on quality, not quantity. Our face is our calling card – the way we present ourselves to the world.How to do it in the best way? How to radiate freshness and vitality, concealing the imprint of days gone by? Here are some common makeup mistakes that add years to our age:

We use too much concealer

In an effort to cover up bruises and bags under the eyes, we resort to concealer. Sometimes, however, instead of covering up, it exposes imperfections. Too much of it can "weight" the area around the eyes and make wrinkles more visible, especially when we laugh. To avoid this, we must choose a concealer that has a very light texture, preferably with a brightening effect. Apply in the line under the eyes (but not too close to the eyelids), in the area of ​​the beginning of the eye towards the base of the nose, around the lips. Set with a little makeup setting powder or setting spray. Apply after foundation.

Applying too many shadows

According to the advice of makeup artists, too much eyeshadow (especially dark smoky tones) makes the eyes look "heavy".To avoid this mistake, first apply an eyeshadow base (this will neutralize the color of the lid), then add a light shade, preferably with a pearl finish. This way you will look fresh and your eyes sparkling.

We put on the wrong foundation

With changes in hormone levels, our skin also undergoes transformations. Excessive oiliness or dryness may require us to change the foundation we have always used. If your skin is dry, look for a product designed for dry skin – and vice versa. Applying cream beforehand is not always a good idea. Spend some money and get yourself a make-up base (primer). It will help the foundation to blend better with your skin and prevent your makeup from "falling off".

Remember – the idea is to make the face look fresh and rested, not like a mask. Consider using CC or BB cream instead of foundation. Don't be afraid to experiment from time to time, depending on your skin's needs.

We contour the cheekbones the wrong way

Forget about the old rule of applying blush – swallowing your cheeks to apply the product in the hollows formed. When you do that, you'll accentuate the cheekbones too much, which isn't the point.

Over the years, our face loses volume and its features become sharper. That's why the product with which you shape the cheekbones should be applied a little higher than where our cheekbones are. Don't make the mistake of "pulling" the line too much (don't let the blush reach the corners of your lips). Apply a very small amount of product, somewhere to the middle of the cheek. Bronzing powder or highlighter should be placed higher. Apply in circular motions, not choppy motions. The goal is to make the face look bright and fresh.

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