Itching on the forehead - what could be the reasons

Itching on the forehead - what could be the reasons
Itching on the forehead - what could be the reasons

Itching can be a signal of a harmless problem, such as sunburn, dandruff or acne, which does not seriously affect the he alth condition. But a less frightening symptom can also suggest a more serious illness, infection or presence of parasites in the body. All these conditions must be neutralized with the necessary measures to prevent future complications. That's why even a harmless itching on the forehead should not be neglected, especially if it lasts for days and is not affected by anything.

Very often, an itchy forehead does not mean that you are suffering from a serious problem. It is usually a symptom of inflamed or irritated, dry skin, eczema, burns, contact dermatitis. In such cases, applying natural aloe vera gel helps to relieve itching.

However, if it is accompanied by high fever, red circles, dryness, bright redness, blisters or any other type of rash, see a dermatologist immediately to diagnose your condition. It could be a more serious problem like:

Allergic reaction to cosmetic products

Allergic reactions to cosmetic and washing products should not be underestimated, because if the allergen is not removed, it can cause more serious he alth problems.

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin problem in many people. It causes not only itching, but also peeling of the skin, as well as a feeling of dryness.

Infections and diseases

Psoriasis, liver diseases, neurodermatitis can be the basis of the appearance of itching on the forehead. With the different condition, other symptoms appear that help to determine the exact diagnosis. You may still have tapeworms that are growing in the tissues and causing itching.Chickenpox, caused by a type of herpes virus, can also present with an itchy scalp, as can reactivation of the herpes zoster virus.

Nervous tic

Not all types of itching are provoked by a skin problem. Sometimes the nervous system suffers due to various factors that cause tics or inflammation along the nerve pathways. Part of the picture in such cases is the appearance of itching accompanied by other symptoms.

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