What does your eczema suggest?

What does your eczema suggest?
What does your eczema suggest?

Eczema is an itchy, red and scaly patch of skin. It is not contagious and usually occurs due to reasons internal to the body or caused by external non-infectious factors.

Eczema can hint at certain problems or whisper to you what you need to change to get rid of this annoying skin problem.

You have a seasonal allergy

Seasonal allergies are triggered by an irritant that triggers an immune system response. And because of the immune system's attack on its own tissues, it's also possible that your eczema is the result of triggering a seasonal allergy or triggering its symptoms.


Time to change your soap

Contact dermatitis is caused by an external irritant. That's why dermatologists most often advise to change the detergents you use first, and only then all other cosmetic products.

Food allergy or intolerance

Food allergies cause no less problems than seasonal allergies. Sometimes the symptoms can be really hard for the body to bear. That is why eczema can be triggered at such times. Changes in the immune system during such a reaction can cause inflammation in the skin, and hence eczema.

You are under a lot of stress

Stress is a key factor in eczema. It can cause serious skin problems that are difficult to treat. We also know that stress has a very negative effect on he alth in general. That's why breaking away from your daily stressful environment can be the key to beating eczema.


Your skin is dehydrated

Dry and cracked skin is much more prone to eczema than well-hydrated skin. In addition to irritating agents, preparations and the external environment, the triggering of eczema is much more likely. Don't let the skin on your hands stay dehydrated for too long.

This also applies to all skin. Use moisturizing body lotions regularly after bathing, especially in winter and summer when the skin is most prone to dryness.

Coconut oil is the best alternative natural product that you can use to deeply hydrate the skin while protecting it from the harmful ingredients in commercial products.

You have a bacterial infection

If you have a bacterial infection somewhere in your body, it can trigger eczema. With pre-existing eczema, its symptoms can be greatly exacerbated by the presence of a bacterial infection.

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