ETAT PUR: let's give the skin only what it needs

ETAT PUR: let's give the skin only what it needs
ETAT PUR: let's give the skin only what it needs

ETAT PUR is the newest brand in the NAOS family, the French cosmetics company, creator of BIODERMA and INSTITUT ESTHEDERM.

The innovative products of the brand are formulated according to the principles of ecobiology - to give the skin only what it needs, no more, no less. The brand uses 300 ingredients, precisely selected for their purity, safety, efficacy and harmony with the skin, from over 30,000 ingredients in the cosmetic industry.

ETAT PUR offers two product lines – Pure Biomimetic Skin Care and Pure Active Molecules. The Pure Biomimetic Skin Care line consists of cleansing and moisturizing products containing only biomimetic ingredients that are identical, similar or similar to those naturally found in the skin.Normal, he althy skin needs only gentle cleansing and hydration tailored to skin type. If there is a skin problem, however, Pure Active Molecules come to the rescue.

The Pure Active Molecules line has been developed to target a variety of concerns through concentrated, highly effective formulas that can be applied both to a specific area and to the entire face. The eight Pure Active Molecules in the portfolio treat wrinkles, loss of elasticity, imperfections, oiliness, sensitivity, dehydration and lack of shine, allowing for multiple personalized combinations tailored to the needs of the skin.

At the brand's launch event on July 7, selected journalists and influencers got up close and personal with the brand's products. At Korner, the new co-working space in Sofia, guests received a personalized dermo consultation with a recommendation for appropriate care.


The brand presentation included an interview with Aurelie Guillot, Director of Scientific Research at NAOS and one of the creators of ETAT PUR. When asked how the ingredients in the products were chosen, Guillot explained:

“Looking at the composition of the hydrolipidic film, we will find over 100 different ingredients. The skin is an extremely complex organ, so if you want to nourish it and give it quality and useful ingredients, you have to take this into account. If, for example, your skin is very dry, it needs more lipids, but not just one lipid. If you use only one oil, it will not be enough. We have developed a formula grouping different oils to nourish the skin with a complete composition of important lipids. This is how we give the skin the best for it."

ETAT PUR launches in Bulgaria with its own online store at

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