If you have dry skin, never do these things

If you have dry skin, never do these things
If you have dry skin, never do these things

Dry skin is a problem that can cause quite serious skin irritations and discomfort. Most people make mistakes that make their already irritated dry skin worse.

What should you never do if you have dry skin?

1. Don't forget to hydrate

People with dry skin should never miss applying a moisturizing product in the morning and evening. Women wearing makeup should apply a deep moisturizer with a sun protection factor at least 30 minutes before applying makeup to the skin. Don't forget to moisturize your neck and d├ęcolletage.

2. Don't over exfoliate

Dry skin is prone to flaking due to the decreased amount of moisture in it.Many women make the mistake of exfoliating every day to remove flaky skin. This causes even greater irritations, redness, tension. Dry skin should be exfoliated carefully, with gentle exfoliants, and not every day.

3. Don't take long hot showers

Hot showers save the body from the cold in winter, but harm the skin. In the summer, dry skin also dries out even more if you shower with hot water.

If you can't shower with lukewarm or cold water (which is much more beneficial for dry skin), reduce the time you spend in the hot shower.

4. Do not use products containing alcohol

Many cosmetic products contain alcohol in certain amounts. Alcohol helps to increase the effectiveness of the respective cosmetic product. However, if the alcohol content is too high, it will dry out your skin and worsen its texture.

5. Do not use aggressive cleaning products

People with excessively dry skin should definitely avoid aggressive cleaning products. Their use causes significant damage to dry skin, dryness, itching, feeling of tightness, redness.

6. Use nourishing and hydrating masks

The more masks you use, the better for dry skin. Homemade masks enriched with moisturizing oils are preferable. The most suitable are argan oil, coconut oil, shea oil.

7. Do not use dry or mattifying foundations

There may be exceptions to this rule, but in general, matte and powder foundations are not recommended for dry skin. For her, it is best to use moisturizing liquid textures enriched with oils.

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