Shaving mistakes that cause irritation

Shaving mistakes that cause irritation
Shaving mistakes that cause irritation

Is it possible to make mistakes while shaving? What's so complicated about this tedious procedure that you can't do it right? Shaving mistakes do exist, and unfortunately, they can cause rashes, itchiness and skin irritation, but the good news is that you can avoid them very easily!

You just need to follow a few simple rules when shaving!

Dry Shave

The first and very gross mistake is shaving dry skin. Dry shaving is only allowed if you use an electric shaver. In the classic way, be sure to wet the skin and apply shaving cream or gel.This greatly reduces the chances of skin irritation and rash occurring.

You do not use shaving gel, cream or foam

Using soap makes the skin very dry and prone to cracking. Shaving products are designed for just that and are enriched with the necessary ingredients that will make your skin soft and smooth after shaving. It's the same with hair conditioner - using it after shampoo is almost a must!

Skip the exfoliation

Exfoliating the skin is an essential part of skin care. It also has its role in shaving. Exfoliation helps skin feel young, fresh, and also gets rid of dry, flaky skin by removing the top layer of dead epidermal cells.

Shave in many different directions

Shaving in random directions can cause problems. Blade bruises, irritations, and even ingrown hairs can become a problem when shaving in different directions. So always shave in one direction.

Don't moisturize after shaving

Another mistake many women make is not moisturizing their skin after the procedure. Using a moisturizing lotion is a must! Thus, the skin is soothed, smoothed and protected from rashes and redness. Regular use of moisturizing products will keep your skin he althy and glowing.

You rarely replace the razor

Frequent replacement of the razor is mandatory, because many bacteria and microorganisms remain on it, which infect the skin with repeated use. The replacement varies depending on the frequency of shaving, which is individual, but it is not appropriate to use a razor for more than 2-3 weeks.


We all know what happens in a hurry - cutting! And it can be very deep and painful, not to mention the scars that remain! Therefore - be careful, as with any blade you need to be careful!

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