How to choose the right mascara?

How to choose the right mascara?
How to choose the right mascara?

Ladies often find it difficult to choose mascara. Misled by the commercials, they forget to consider what their eyelashes are, what effect they want to achieve and how long their mascara should last. At the same time, they forget that it should also be easy to remove. When choosing a mascara, it is good to consider a few basic things. Here are some of them.

Pay attention to your eyelashes

If they are shorter but thick, you will probably want to lengthen them. Mascaras with a lengthening effect have a thicker and longer brush. When applying the mascara it is good to focus on the tips of the eyelashes. But be careful, often instead of lengthening them, you layer several layers of mascara and the tips of the eyelashes become balls.

If your lashes are short and thinner then you can delicately apply two coats of the mascara.

Long and thin eyelashes

Choose a mascara that works both for volume and length. If necessary, apply two coats of mascara. This mascara will make them even longer but also thicker.

Make eyelashes

The mascara can hardly give a curve to straight eyelashes. Pre-curl the eyelashes with a special eyelash curler. Then apply mascara, the brush on one side of which creates that curled lash effect.

Loose Lashes

you've worn false eyelashes, you've probably noticed that your eyelashes are sparse afterwards. You need a mascara with a special formula with synthetic fibers that fill in the gaps and make the lashes look much fuller.

If you are one of the sporty ladieswho love swimming, fitness and any other gymnastics, you will certainly want your makeup to last. For these cases, apply a waterproof mascara. It is significantly more difficult to clean than the others.

If your skin is more oily the waterproof mascara option is also suitable for you.

For sensitive eyes and for ladies who wear contact lenses there are specially designed mascaras. They are not only gentle on the eye, but also available in a variety of colors, add volume to the eyelashes and slightly curl them.


Before applying the mascara to the eyelashes, it is good to loosen them in advance with a special brush. The spiral is applied with a zigzag movement, which, in addition to separating them, prevents the formation of unpleasant balls on them.

You have complete freedom for the color of the mascaras. For variegated, blue or green eyes, black and graphite mascaras are the most suitable color. Colored mascaras that you can buy in blue, green, red, purple, yellow make the look playful and beautiful with any eye color.

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