Lazy tricks for beautiful makeup, manicure and hair

Lazy tricks for beautiful makeup, manicure and hair
Lazy tricks for beautiful makeup, manicure and hair

Why should makeup take a lot of time when with a few simple movements we can hide flaws and bring out the best in our look.

If you don't have a lot of time in the morning, but you want to look good, you can safely skip some beauty treatments and applying heavy makeup, but still look good.

How? By following some clever lazy makeup tricks that will help you look flawless.

To hide bags under the eyes

Are you sleep deprived? You can cover it up easily and quickly. Apply a light concealer just under the eyes where the bag crease forms. Between it and the lower eyelid, apply a darker shade to visually reduce puffiness. Then apply your foundation.

Lip Exfoliation

Whether you're wearing a lip gloss or a solid lipstick, you want the color to last on your lips, right? So exfoliate. Use a gentle mixture of olive oil and sugar. Apply it on the lips and rub it in with a soft toothbrush without applying too much pressure. Do the procedure once a week.

For thick eyeliner

If you want your eyeliner to add depth and finish to your look, apply it thickly to the edge of the lid just below the lashes.

To cover up flaws

Never make the mistake of applying concealer all over your face if you want to hide an imperfection. Many women find that by applying concealer all over it will help to even out the complexion. Instead, apply only to the desired area and blend the concealer with a makeup brush. Cover tightly on top with foundation.

To hide errors

If your hand moves or you apply makeup on the go, the easiest way to hide the mistake is to apply a little light concealer. Brush a little foundation over it.

Dry Shampoo

Don't have time to wash your hair but don't want the oiliness to show? Use a dry shampoo, but preferably apply it at night before going to bed instead of in the morning. This way, the product will have enough time to absorb excess oil from the scalp and hair.

Quick French Manicure

To get a professional French manicure you need to either have the hands of a surgeon or have done it hundreds of times. However, if you are not, there is a way to get a beautiful French manicure at home. Simply wrap rubber bands around your fingers so that the ingrown part of the nail is well trimmed. Paint with the white color. Carefully remove the rubber bands. Varnish with the light varnish.

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