Sneaky tricks for quick drying nail polish

Sneaky tricks for quick drying nail polish
Sneaky tricks for quick drying nail polish

Painting nails has more than one challenge. But one of the most annoying is the drying of the varnish. The dream of all women who love to paint their nails and wear manicures is to have their nail polish dry in seconds. No lady wants to stand for hours waiting for her nail polish to dry, then touch something and ruin her beautiful manicure.

If you're tired of standing with your fingers in the air forever, see how you can make your nail polish dry faster.

Bowl of ice

Before you start painting, prepare a bowl full of water and ice cubes. After you polish, dip your nails into the bowl and wait about 2 minutes. Ice water will help the nail polish set and then dry faster.

Hair dryer

A hair dryer can help you speed up the drying of the nail polish. It is recommended to use the cold or neutral jet, because the colder the air, the faster the nail dries. Warm and hot jet will not help.

Quick-drying top

Toplaks come in many varieties. Be sure to choose ones that are mentioned as having a quick-dry effect or a gel effect. This helps the nails to be strengthened and he althy, and the nail polish to dry as quickly as possible.

Hairspray or hairspray

Hairsprays and hairsprays have a firming and fixing effect. There are drying agents in these products that can be beneficial for your manicure as well. After applying nail polish, wait 1 minute and then spray with spray or hairspray. Wait a few minutes for it to take effect. Rinse and apply hand balm or nail oil. It will hydrate your cuticles after using the drying hair spray.

Cooking Spray

Cooking spray is oil based. Liquid oils help nail polish dry. And the cooking spray is very convenient as it is easy to apply.

Polish drying spray

Specially developed nail polish drying sprays are a very good option. If you don't have cooking spray, you can use an oil-based nail polish drying spray, which will speed up the drying of the nail polish and help it set.

Apply thin layers

If you want your polish to have a rich color and completely cover the nail, do not rush to apply several thick layers. This will not only slow down and make it difficult for the varnish to dry, but there is also the risk of bubbles, wrinkling of the varnish, and easy spoilage when touched. Instead, apply several very thin coats, waiting long enough between each coat. This method allows faster and easier drying of the varnish.

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