Myths about women's beauty tricks

Myths about women's beauty tricks
Myths about women's beauty tricks

Most women crave quality cosmetics, take care of their appearance, but they also succumb to a number of myths concerning beauty, which ultimately turn out to be false. We hear these urban legends from everywhere - social networks, TV, advertisements, word of mouth and we often believe them.

Here are some of the most common myths regarding female beauty practices

Shaving will make your hair grow faster

It turns out that this is not the case. Surprisingly, it's actually the fact that the hair looks snappier, shorter, and pricklier that's why we perceive it as thicker. Obesity is genetically determined.

Dipping the mascara brush repeatedly into the bottle helps to achieve thicker coverage

More of the product on the brush does not mean a better result. Also, the dispenser on the neck of the bottle squeezes out unnecessary amount of mascara. This will only introduce additional air into the package, which will make your mascara dry faster.

Yellowing of nails is inevitable

Misconception! Yellowing of the nails from the use of varnishes and nail polish removers is a very unpleasant side effect of our pursuit of beauty. To begin with, it is good to use a good base under the varnish. Next is a layer of protective varnish against UV rays - protection is important not only for the skin. If the unpleasant staining still occurs, use baking soda to remove the unwanted yellow tint.

Wearing makeup daily is harmful to the skin

Even heavy makeup with many layers will not be harmful if you apply it correctly.It is good that the skin is well hydrated before starting to apply the layers of makeup. And don't forget – the biggest enemy of the skin is not wearing make-up every day, but sleeping with make-up on! Always clean your face well before going to bed and you will have no problems!

The hair gets used to the shampoo and it stops working

You don't need to change your hair products constantly. The effect of your shampoo is there, and if your hair feels good from it, don't rush to change it. Usually, the presence of a problem is more due to the use of hair spray, hair dryer, gel, press or curling iron.

Nail filing can be done in all directions

Picking must be done in the same direction every time. This helps the nail grow faster and be stronger. Otherwise, the nails become brittle and susceptible to harmful influences.

Some products really help to get rid of split ends

Flush hair is inevitable, especially if we often treat it with paint, aggressive cosmetic products, straightening, curling. The surest way to eliminate ingrown hairs is regular trimming. This will keep your hair alive and shiny despite the treatment.

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