Makeup mistakes that make skin look tired

Makeup mistakes that make skin look tired
Makeup mistakes that make skin look tired

The wrong make-up, too strong and intrusive colors or vice versa – too poor shades, can make you look tired. Therefore, we will try to outline the most common mistakes when applying makeup to avoid this unpleasant effect.

Mistake 1: Choosing monotone colors

In order to avoid the tired look of the skin, it is necessary to outline in advance the highlights of your face that you want to emphasize. You can emphasize them with slightly more saturated tones. Do not let the eyebrows, eyelashes and cheeks merge with the general color range of the face.

Mistake 2: Using the wrong under-eye concealercontour

Too dark or too light concealer will inevitably affect your fresh look. Apply it in a very well-lit room so you can get a clear judgment of the color.

Mistake 3: Using too much powder

Dry powder gives the impression of old age and fatigue. Always clean and natural-looking skin rejuvenates. So don't overdo the powder, apply lightly just to remove the shimmer effect.

Mistake 4: Skipping Moisturizer

The most important advice of makeup artists is to never apply makeup without first moisturizing the facial skin. And very important - you have waited for the cream to absorb completely! Applying any makeup to dry skin runs the risk of looking tired.

Mistake 5: Choosing the wrong eyeliner color

Cold, bronze or golden shades of eyeliner or eyeliner give a sickly look to the face. If you have a darker complexion, a silver pencil can give the same bad look.Avoid flashy tones in favor of natural ones, which always add more freshness.

Mistake 6: Wearing gray makeup

Makeup with shades of gray plays a bad joke on the overall look of the face. It will not only make you look more tired, but also older!

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