False eyelashes – truths and myths

False eyelashes – truths and myths
False eyelashes – truths and myths

A beautiful, mysterious and seductive look - this is the female magic that bewitches every man! And you no longer need to use mascara to flutter adorable eyelashes like a magical fairy tale creature.

To be irresistibly feminine, you can take advantage of the so-called eyelash embedding system - hair by hair, which allows not only to lengthen the eyelashes, but also to added volume.

The eyelashes are made of natural silk, which does not irritate or interfere with the process of restoring your own. The glue that is applied is hypoallergenic and has surgical strength.

Natural eyelashes have a very short "life" period, so it is recommended to visit a specialist once a month so that additional eyelashes can be added in place of the missing ones.If you have chosen the length correctly, the natural loss of your eyelashes will be absolutely imperceptible.

The durability of eyelashes with proper application and maintenance is between 30 and 90 days.

Image Лора Михайлова from Lavish Lashes studio told us about the installation procedure and what are the truths and myths about false eyelashes.

Do false eyelashes (hair by hair) damage natural eyelashes

They do not damage in any way, because the eyelashes are especially silky, hair by hair, made of natural silk. The glue they use is hypoallergenic. Neither the glue nor the structure of the artificial eyelash that is attached has ingredients that can harm the root or the natural hair in general. There is speculation as to whether they are harmful, many people claim that they are, but they are not. And they claim that they are damaging because of all the other methods of placing artificial eyelashes, which actually do damage.But this hair-by-hair method, made of natural silk by proper placement, cannot damage the eyelashes. Also, as I said, eyelashes have a natural lifespan of 30 to 60 days, so even if they thin, they grow back quickly.

How long does the procedure take

The procedure is applied for one hour, and the maintenance of the eyelashes already installed is done in about 45 minutes.

What is the cost of the procedure and maintenance

Placing the artificial eyelashes hair by hair costs BGN 60, and maintenance - BGN 30.

What happens if a woman does not want to continue wearing false eyelashes? They fall off on their own or they have to get a specialist to remove them

They can remove them by themselves, with micellar water. They stand in front of the mirror and start rubbing their eyes with a wet swab, one, second, third swab. The other option is with a special product to remove the eyelashes, which can be done by the specialist who applied them.But if they don't have the opportunity to go, and at home they could remove them in a few days.

How old is it good to do eyelash maintenance

Maintenance is done every 3 to 5 weeks. It is good to do the maintenance every 20 days, but it can be done for a longer period, it depends on the personal desire of each customer.

Are there trends in false eyelashes? What is preferred more

Most clients want the longer and curled eyelashes. In no case do they want straight eyelashes, which automatically closes their eye. That is, the eyelash, when applied artificially, must be curved. There are different sizes, of course, from larger to smaller, with corresponding hair lengths and thicknesses. Each lady is individually consulted on what will look best on her, so in her everyday life she will not have to worry about whether her eyelashes are too long and inappropriate for her workplace.


Your clients are women of all ages. Young girls also come, but also mature women, right

Yes, this service has evolved tremendously in recent years. With it, the effect is instantaneous, visible immediately and changes the overall appearance, even the face. Always brings enthusiasm and smiles to the ladies.

The trend is that more and more women are turning to the procedure, from the age of 15-16 years even up to 45-50 years. There is no age limit, all ladies like it. As the peak is among ladies between 20 and 35 years old.

I have read that frequent face washing is not recommended. Is this true

It is important to avoid eyelash contact with water for 24 hours after application. This is to strengthen the glue. Not that it is fatal, the eyelashes will not fall, but it is good to follow this recommendation in order to set the glue well. From then on you can wash, dive with them, they're yours!

Do we need to put mascara on false eyelashes and if we do, how to clean it afterwards

You don't need to put on mascara. What's more important, if you decide to wear mascara, is how you're going to remove it. The application itself is quite simple, as you normally do. But cleaning should be done not with a make-up remover pad, but by washing thoroughly with water or with a make-up remover foam. Even if you don't have foam at home, and you decide to clean with another product, it is very important that it is not alcohol-based. Eau de toilette does not work because it is very oily, also all products in the form of oil are not recommended.


In addition to mascara, you can also put on other makeup, shadows or eyeliner

No problem, yes. As long as it is cleaned carefully with a tampon. It is important not to rub the tampon on the false eyelashes because they leave fibers from the tampon on the eyelashes and then when the woman tries to remove them, it is possible to hook an lash, turn it and so on.So it is not a problem to put pencil, eyeliner or powder on the upper part of the eyelid. And as long as it's well cleaned afterwards.

Is it necessary to take a break

Once they are placed, it is good to continue with their maintenance. No rest needed. Unless the client decides she no longer wants to be with eyelashes or opts out for other reasons. But otherwise, there is no need for rest, because they do not damage, do not thin the natural eyelashes in any way, there is no danger of shedding.

No risk of baldness

No, there is no such danger. Because every single eyelash is placed on a hair, which itself, when the time is right, falls out. When the eyelash falls out by itself, the hair remains. So thinning, balding is impossible.

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