Uncover your most powerful weapon - the look

Uncover your most powerful weapon - the look
Uncover your most powerful weapon - the look

The most important weapon a woman has is her eyes. They should be expressive, captivating, fiery and make a man sink into them deep, deep.

In order to make your look even deeper and mysterious, you need to follow a few rules. The most important of them will help you turn your eyes into an irresistible accessory to captivate and conquer not only men's hearts.


Highlight the eyebrows

In order to make eye contact, you must first attract the attention of your interlocutor. Do this by highlighting the eyebrows. Use an eyebrow pencil, wax and even some eyeshadow to give them a full look.

Use a light pencil to highlight

Nothing gives such a good accent as the corner of the eye. This way you will bring out the true beauty of your eyes by applying a light glittering accent and finish.

Use eyeliner

Line the eye with nice black or brown lines. Make your cat look expressive. So the eyes always look better. Their volume is not lost, but stands out optically.

Do smokey makeup

Smoky makeup is the most suitable way to emphasize the eyes. This technique is among the most popular for an expressive and bright look.


Curl the eyelashes

If your lashes are not naturally curled, curl them further after applying the mascara. This will give them volume and the depth of the look.

Put on flesh color lipstick

The nude color moves the emphasis away from the lips and directs it to the eyes. If you have done a smoky makeup that is more saturated in color, it is preferable to use more neutral colors for your lips. The flesh color with a slight sheen is perfect for the purpose and also very trendy.

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