Essential oils to stimulate the chakras

Essential oils to stimulate the chakras
Essential oils to stimulate the chakras

One of the best methods to improve physical and emotional he alth is the application of essential oils. The following lines will introduce you to oils that have been used for centuries in conjunction with yoga to balance the chakra system. Chakras, these are the energy nodes in the human body.

on each chakra, if desired you can also use in combination with others, such as olive oil or coconut oil and apply them externally by rubbing in the corresponding area. Alternatively, you can try aromatherapy or take the oils in capsule form.

Muladhara – Root Chakra

It is located at the base of the spine in the region of the coccyx. This is where our sense of security lies. Apply patchouli oil with light massaging movements to enhance the sense of grounding and stability.

The Sacral Chakra – Swadhishthana

Located in the lower abdomen (about 2 cm below the navel), near the genitals, and is believed to be responsible for creativity and sexuality. ylang ylang oil and sandalwood will act as a powerful aphrodisiac and support your sexual and reproductive energies.

Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra

Located in the upper abdomen, in the stomach area, and is responsible for confidence and self-esteem. Use oil of cinnamon or peppermint to warm or cool excess fire in this system.


Anahata – the heart chakra

Located in the center of the chest, just above the heart. The scent of the rose is connected to our heart and enhances romance and love. Rose oil will also help relieve depression and insomnia.

Vishuddha – Throat Chakra

Located in the throat area and considered the center of self-expression. Use eucalyptus oil to clear your sinuses and treat a sore throat or cough.

Ajna - Forehead Chakra

You will find it in the forehead and eye area.

She is believed to be the door to our intuition. A suitable oil for stimulating this chakra is lavender oil. It has a calming effect, it also helps with headaches. With its help you will calm the mind and reach a high level of consciousness.

Sahasrara – yarrow

Located at the very top of the head (top of the head) and is our universal connection to krasota and spirituality. It is activated when you have managed to balance the other six chakras.

A suitable oil to stimulate her is frankincense oil, which brings peace of mind and clarity.

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