Disposable gloves - do they protect against coronavirus infection?

Disposable gloves - do they protect against coronavirus infection?
Disposable gloves - do they protect against coronavirus infection?

The rapid and uncompromising spread of the new koronavirus COVID-19 around the world and in our country has made people do things that they would not have done before the appearance of this new, dangerous and unknown contagion. Essential goods were bought from the store network, among which the first to disappear were protective face masks and gel hand sanitizers, with which hands can be washed with soap and water if there is no possibility.

Increasingly, however, people also wear disposable gloves to reduce the risk of infection when touching contaminated and undisinfected surfaces.

Do gloves really help prevent infection?

Before that, let us recall that the he alth authorities, doctors and specialists from the National Crisis Staff, as well as the World He alth Organization, are unanimous that the coronavirus is transmitted most easily from person to person through the air-droplet route - when coughing, sneezing, even talking too closely at a distance of less than five feet.

Through coughs and sneezes, virus particles are spread by the virus carrier or the patient on the surrounding surfaces, and can remain on them for a certain period of time. Touching the contaminated surfaces and touching the face, nose, eyes afterwards can also cause infection. Therefore, not washing hands before touching the face for any reason, including eating and drinking, can lead to infection.

This is why some people prefer to wear gloves to protect themselves from infection.

But does it really protect?

At the moment, the he alth authorities and specialists have not issued such a recommendation that the population wear protective disposable gloves in order to limit the infection.

Whether you wear gloves or not, touching infected surfaces and then touching your face carries exactly the same risk as touching without gloves.

When is wearing gloves actually helpful in preventing infection?

If you have contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 who you have to bring home food or medicine to and who is not hospitalized as recommended by he alth authorities, it is mandatory to wear gloves to ensure that no bodily liquids from it will not get on you.

If wearing gloves will remind you not to touch your face, then wear them. But if you don't stop this bad habit, gloves alone won't protect you from possible infection.

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