6 things that bring unhappiness to the home

6 things that bring unhappiness to the home
6 things that bring unhappiness to the home

There is no person who does not want his home to have coziness, warmth, positive energy, relationships with relatives and friends to be harmonious. All this largely depends on ourselves. Sometimes we don't notice some small mistakes that can disturb our harmony. such as the retention of certain objects carrying negative vibrations. Such are the open umbrellas, the green paint, the rocking chair. See which others are good to remove to invite happiness into your home.

Withered, dry or artificial flowers

If you want your home to be lively, to have positive energy in it, get rid of withered flowers. Sometimes we choose to decorate with a beautiful dried flower or even an artificial one. Unfortunately, this kind of decoration will not bring happiness to our home.


Cacti are interesting, relatively easy to grow, but they are not the plants of happiness, or at least not according to the principles of feng shui. Eastern philosophy excludes from the home plants that have sharp leaves, thorns, as they are believed to be like a magnet for negative vibrations. Their prickly surfaces can lead to tension and conflict.

Broken objects, stopped clocks, old dishes

These are other things in the home that will not bring you positive energy or "chi" in your life. A stopped clock can even affect your he alth and income, say feng shui experts. When the hands of the clock do not move forward, it symbolizes the lack of movement or progression of time. The same goes for broken and stuck items. Make room for the new and positive in your life.

Old Broom

If you have one in your home, throw it away immediately. About old brooms, we believe they sweep away bad, but actually they sweep away luck.

Pictures, moody photos, alone person

An oil painting of a stormy sea with a ship? Do not keep it in your home, as well as photographs that show a natural disaster. This will only increase the negative energy in your home. If you're looking for love, images with only one person are also not recommended.

Red and white flowers in one vase

Red roses, with fine white flowers for decoration around them. A beautiful combination of red and white which, according to Victorian superstition, portends imminent death.

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