7 quick tricks for cleaning the home

7 quick tricks for cleaning the home
7 quick tricks for cleaning the home

Even though it's not our favorite activity, spring cleaning is a must. Now is the time when we have to thoroughly clean the home, throw away unnecessary and broken things, organize the wardrobe. We usually look at this activity with annoyance and put it off as long as possible. But no matter how much time passes, we still have to do the unpleasant work. We'll try to help you in this endeavor by offering you a few ideas on how to make spring cleaning faster and less stressful.

Do small cleaning while doing something nice

Use your time to drop some homework while doing something pleasant or beautifying.For example, if you're making a homemade face or hair mask over the weekend while you wait 10-15 minutes to wash it off, use the time window and wash the tub or sink. This will save you time from the time allotted for basic cleaning. Or while you're baking muffins in the oven, you can tidy up some of the kitchen cabinets or clean their doors.

Use boards

In order not to waste time moving various objects from one place to another, use boards. Arrange the objects that prevent you from cleaning a surface on top of them and you will save a lot more time.

Use the dishwasher

It can serve you well not only for dishes and glasses. Take a look around your home - any dusty items that can withstand a cycle in the dishwasher can be cleaned in it. This way you will save time and energy to invest in cleaning another area in the apartment.

Use holders to store the products in the refrigerator

If you want to avoid dirtying the fridge and having to clean it often, buy some drawers to store products in the fridge. Thus, with just a quick cleaning with a cloth on their surface, you will save yourself the time of frequently cleaning the entire refrigerator.

Start cleaning from top to bottom

When dusting furniture at home, make sure you start from the top down so you don't end up cleaning the same spot multiple times. Always start with the chandeliers, the lighting, the windows, the highest shelves on the walls. Leave vacuuming for last.

Clean your shower while you shower

While enjoying your nice shower you can use the time and clean it quickly with an old toothbrush for example. Remove dirt quickly while you shower and save time when cleaning the entire bathroom.

Let the products work

Sometimes we don't leave the disinfectants on a surface long enough and impatiently start scrubbing to remove a stain or dirt. But we understand that this is difficult to achieve, since we have not given enough time for the preparation to work. Instead, we start scrubbing furiously to remove the pesky stain. Don't waste time, add more of the product and give it time to work. You use this time and clean another area of ​​the home.

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