5 furnishing mistakes stylish people don't make

5 furnishing mistakes stylish people don't make
5 furnishing mistakes stylish people don't make

They say style can't be taught. It is not copied, it is not planted artificially - a person is simply born with a sense of the beautiful.

Style and taste apply not only to clothing, but also to furniture. Some people make a number of mistakes in home arrangement and decoration that betray their lack of taste.

What are the most common furnishing mistakes that stylish people don't make?

They are not afraid of contrast

People without any sense of style and combinations rely on predefined strict frameworks. Only then will they be sure that they are on the right path, because they cannot judge for themselves.

Most often these people wear black clothes, because they know that black is always relevant and you can't go wrong with its combination with… black.The same applies to white, beige, sand shades, brown. People without their own taste mostly wear these colors and are afraid to experiment.

It is precisely because of this that their homes are furnished according to certain boring frameworks.

People with taste and style, on the other hand, are not afraid of contrast. They know how to play with colors and provocative shades and that's great. There is always something to surprise you in their home. And energy flows more easily in homes furnished in this way.

They don't focus on TV as the most important thing

You will know the residence of people with taste by the fact that the TV does not take center stage. It's just a thing, a necessity that isn't even mandatory.

They don't copy from Pinterest

The photo and interest social network Pinterest is often used to generate ideas from brainless people. They totally copy everything they see there and apply it in their home.However, when you don't like it from the inside, it shows. People with style have an imagination according to which they furnish their home. And after they photograph it and upload it to social networks, followers are found to copy the idea. Be the first!

They don't just bet on black and white

It is a myth that white will make the home more spacious and bright. If you focus mainly on the color white for your home, you risk pushing yourself and your family into depression. The color white worsens the mood and can depress you, creating associations with a hospital, according to psychologists.

Predominantly black is also not an option, no matter how stylish you think it is, it is not a good option.

They understand proportions beautifully

One of the biggest mistakes in furniture is related to proportions. Furniture that is too large or too small, inconsistent with the space, is taken. The carpets, the wallpaper, the small decorative pieces of furniture – everything is important for the overall mood of the home.And if the proportions are not taken into account, the vibrations in the home are disturbed.

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