Cheap Rust Cleaning Trick

Cheap Rust Cleaning Trick
Cheap Rust Cleaning Trick

Housework never ends. Every day we try to maintain order and cleanliness in our home. But we don't always have time for the more delicate work, such as cleaning the kitchen utensils made of aluminum - pots, kettles, kettles, pans, ladles and others. The rust on them and the wasted places endanger them. The detergents that are available are often aggressive to the surface and do not completely remove the stains.

An easy, completely natural and cheap trick will help your dishes get shiny and clean again.

You need raw potato and s alt. Potatoes are known to contain oxalic acid, and s alt is like a helper, because it has an abrasive effect.

  • What you need to do is cut the potato in two.
  • You take one half and s alt it liberally.
  • Then you start working the surface in circular motions.
  • Focus on places where there are traces of rust or other dirt, then rinse.
  • Repeat if necessary.

The kitchen is shining again and you don't need to spend money on expensive preparations and new cookware!

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