This is how often you should change your dish sponge

This is how often you should change your dish sponge
This is how often you should change your dish sponge

How often do you change your dishwashing sponge?

Most people don't think about how harmful it is to their he alth. We change it only when it starts to tear and become obsolete. There are few housewives who throw out their old sponge every week or at most every two weeks. But we must learn from them.

A team of German scientists conducted an experiment by analyzing 14 used kitchen sponges collected from households in southwestern Germany. They discovered that mushrooms are home to an unexpectedly large number of bacteria.

Researchers think it is pointless to try to wash the sponge with detergent, hoping that you will make it cleaner and harmless to he alth.Bacteria in household mushrooms are resistant to hot water and detergents. So the best thing you can do is change them more often.

For a more frequent change, scientists consider once every 14 days as the absolute maximum.

Previous research has shown that kitchen mushrooms contain the highest amount of coli bacteria – a broad class of bacteria found in human and animal feces, or so-called fecal bacteria. The most common among them is Escherichia coli.

But new studies indicate that, in addition to E. coli, mushrooms contain many other disease-causing microorganisms.

In fact, there is more bacteria in the entire kitchen than in the toilet and bathroom. We think of them as sources of bacteria, but the bigger threat lies where we least expect it.

If you want to have cleaner dishes and enjoy better he alth, change your sponge once a week to be safe.

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