5 rules for safe taxi travel

5 rules for safe taxi travel
5 rules for safe taxi travel

Constricted spaces where you spend a long time in the company of other people have an increased risk of infection with various viruses. One such space is the taxi. If you have to take a taxi but are concerned that the driver or the surfaces in the taxi may pose a risk to your he alth, here are 5 simple measures to take.

Wear a mask

All kinds of passengers travel in taxis one after the other, sometimes in a company of several people. This can increase the risk of viral infections in the confined space of the car. Therefore, it is better to wear a mask to limit and reduce so far your mouth and nose with the potential virus particles circulating in the air in the car.

Disinfect hands

When entering the taxi, avoid unnecessary touching of the surfaces inside. If you do have to, disinfect your hands with an appropriate disinfectant before touching your face or personal belongings.

Open window

One of the best measures you can take to reduce the risk of infection is fresh air. When you get into a taxi, just roll down the window and breathe fresh air. This gives a good opportunity for fresh air circulation.

Sit in the back seat

In order to ensure enough distance between you and the driver, it is good not to sit next to him, even if it seems more comfortable to you, but to sit in the back seat. This way there will be at least 1 meter distance between you and the driver, and by adding the open window and your personal protective equipment, this reduces the risk of potential infection.

Take care of your personal belongings yourself

If you want to further reduce the risk of infection, do not let the driver touch your luggage. Take care of your bags yourself by keeping them with you or close to you, or take them in and out of the trunk yourself without him touching them.

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