Unexpected foods you can freeze in the freezer

Unexpected foods you can freeze in the freezer
Unexpected foods you can freeze in the freezer

We store most of our products in the refrigerator so that they are fresh before we consume them. In the freezer or the refrigerator compartment, we are used to freezing certain products such as meat and fish, for example, without realizing that there are other products that we can safely store in this way.

What are the foods you can safely freeze without worrying about spoiling their nutritional value?


Cut the avocados into half moons, put them in airtight containers and freeze them. Its consistency will not be disturbed after you thaw it for consumption.


Wine can also be safely frozen. If you have a large amount that you cannot drink and the bottle is open, freeze it with a tightly closed cork or cap. Once you thaw it, it might not be very good for drinking, but it's perfect for cooking.



Eggs can be frozen as long as they have separated whites and yolks. You can also freeze already beaten eggs. Put them in a suitable closed container and freeze.

Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs can stay that way for a long time if you freeze them. Wash them, cut them, dry them and immediately freeze them in plastic bags with a resealable mechanism. That way, you'll always have fresh herbs when you need them. Just put them in your dish because they don't need much time to defrost.


Whole potatoes do not tolerate freezing because their consistency is disturbed. But boiled and mashed potatoes can be put in the freezer without a problem.

It is best to cut them while they are fresh, then blanch them for 1-2 minutes in hot oil and freeze them. When you take them out of the freezer they will cook much faster.



Wash the mushrooms, peel their scales and cut them into thin slices. Put them in a box with a tight lid and freeze them. That way you'll have fresh mushrooms for your soup or main dish that needs mushrooms as a garnish.


If you have more coffee left that you couldn't finish, don't pour it down the drain, freeze it. Then you can use it to make various cakes and desserts that must have coffee in them.

Ready pasta and rice

Boiled pasta and cooked rice can be safely frozen in the freezer for further feeding or reshaping. When you thaw them, pour 2-3 spoons of boiling water over them and they will be edible. Season as needed.

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