7 places where we are more likely to catch the coronavirus

7 places where we are more likely to catch the coronavirus
7 places where we are more likely to catch the coronavirus

Little by little, the world is beginning to make its first attempts to return to its normal life before the outbreak of the pandemic. As in other countries, as in our country, restaurants, shops, places for walks are gradually opening. After the lifting of the state of emergency, scheduled for May 13, many people will return to their workplaces from where they practiced their professions before.

This means that the probability of contracting the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19 may increase, especially in some places where more people gather in close proximity.

What are the places where we are more likely to get infected with coronavirus?

In an elevator

Elevators, especially those located in large office buildings or malls that gather a large number of people at once, carry an increased risk of infection. Their surfaces are metal, which means that the virus lingers on them for a long time. In addition, the area of ​​the elevator is small, and having several people standing close to each other makes contamination a much more real danger than if people are standing in a wide room far from each other. If there is a way to avoid the elevators, do it. If you do have to use them, wear a mask.

At the checkout in a store

If you are in a store, especially a large hypermarket, its area allows you to move away from other people, keep your distance and control the distance between you and other customers. However, things can go wrong in the checkout line. There, customers who do not comply with the distance requirements may find themselves near you, increasing the risk of infection.Even if you don't come across such customers around you, the risk still exists because the distance, including that with the store staff, is smaller than in the rest of the store.

On a plane

Air travel implies spending a long time in a limited space with artificial ventilation in the presence of many people, in most cases more than 150-200. This situation increases the risk of infection not only with the coronavirus, but also with other pathogens that are dangerous to he alth.

In public transport

Very soon, all people will return to their previous way of life and public transport will be one of the main ways to get around. That is why it is also one of the potentially dangerous places where a large number of people are in a narrow confined space, which makes the probability of getting infected greater.

In the office

Especially dangerous for "open space" type offices where a large number of people work in one room.These rooms are air-conditioned, which further complicates the situation in them, and insufficient ventilation is a problem that further complicates the situation with clean air in the room. The close location of workplaces in these premises is another potentially dangerous circumstance.

Using a public toilet

The public toilet is a place with an increased concentration of germs, viruses, bacteria and fecal pathogens that can put he alth at risk. The danger of getting infected with coronavirus in such places is also increased because it is used by many people, disinfection after each user is a task that you cannot be sure if it is carried out strictly. The premises are again too narrow and often poorly ventilated, which further increases the risk.

You visit hospitals

Hospitals are a place we don't just go for a walk. Of course, we visit them when we need medical attention, which sometimes cannot be delayed.However, we cannot help but mention that the concentration of infections in these establishments is greatly increased, and with it the probability of getting infected.

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