5 things you won't want to touch again

5 things you won't want to touch again
5 things you won't want to touch again

It's no surprise that life won't be the same after the easing of measures imposed because of. People around the world are now more informed about how viruses and bacteria are transmitted and how to protect themselves. As our lives slowly return to normalcy, there will still likely be things and surfaces you won't want to touch because they are potential virus carriers. Who are they?

Escalator Railing

The next time you get on an escalator, you'll probably think about touching the railing and leaning on it.Public places with such facilities are touched by hundreds of thousands of dirty hands a day. They're the smooth surfaces that experts say germs hang on to the longest. So you probably don't want to touch such surfaces.

Spring fountains

Soon all parks and gardens will be open for walking and public use. There are fountains in them that will be available again. However, they are unlikely to be as attractive as before. Hundreds of lips touch these fountains, and it would never occur to you to bend down again and drink water from a public fountain that is not disinfected.

Handles in public transport

Using public city transport involves touching seats and handles. You won't want to touch some of them anymore. Yes, but you will have to, because riding public transport is impossible without getting caught somewhere. Therefore, using gloves or paper napkins to hold the handles will seem the most logical thing even after the end of the pandemic, which everyone hopes will be as soon as possible.

Makeup testers

Imagine how many people are touched and stuck to their lips and nose by drugstore makeup testers. Will you do it without thinking about infestations and infections? We doubt it. After all that has befallen us around the coronavirus pandemic, hardly anyone would touch a makeup tester, especially if it's a face or lip product.

Coworker's computer

Everyone has had a colleague ask them for help with something. Very often this involves touching his keyboard or mouse, his desk, getting too close to him. This closeness and free touching of foreign objects will probably go down in history. This is one of the things that will surely change people's thinking and reactions.

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