Does washing clothes protect against coronavirus?

Does washing clothes protect against coronavirus?
Does washing clothes protect against coronavirus?

, like any other microorganism, pathogen, virus or bacteria, can stick to any surface where it can remain for hours or days. Clothes also fall into this list of infection-carrying surfaces. While we are in a state of emergency, it is important to strictly follow all hygiene advice from the he alth authorities.

How long can the coronavirus stay on clothes and fabrics?

Specialists and scientists are not completely unanimous about how long the coronavirus can last on fabrics and clothes, but the most likely duration is around 12 hours.This is shared by Georgina Nanos, epidemiologist and chief physician at "Kind He alth Group", quoted by thehe

Coronavirus breaks down at high temperatures, so it also depends on how you store your clothes, under what conditions you wear them and exactly how you wash them.

How can the coronavirus get on clothes?

In all possible ways from the environment. Any time the clothes touch surfaces that have been infected with the coronavirus, the clothes can become infected. In addition, when communicating with an infected person who talks, breathes, coughs or sneezes near you, a huge concentration of virus particles gets on your clothes directly through the air.

Where should you keep your outerwear?

The clothes you go out in should be considered potentially infected, even if they are not. They have been in contact with people and surfaces for which there is no way to be sure whether they are carriers of the coronavirus.Therefore, when you come home, you should take off your clothes very carefully and take them out to the balcony. In no case do not sit with them on your furniture and beds. This way you will bring the infection into your home, which already creates an even greater risk.

The same goes for shoes. They should also be taken outside so as not to increase the risk of bringing in the infection from outside.

Does washing clothes kill the coronavirus?

Washing clothes can remove virus particles from clothes and fabrics in the home. It should be done according to the instructions for the respective fabric, so that it is well washed and at the same time not damaged.

Washing at extremely high temperatures (90 degrees Celsius) is not mandatory, because not all fabrics can withstand such a high temperature without being damaged.

To remove the coronavirus, as well as all other pathogens from the fabrics of your clothes, it is enough to wash them often with enough detergent and a temperature not lower than 50-60 degrees.If you think the clothes you last went out in are potentially more soiled than usual, wash them immediately.

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