Dr. Shterev's advice to pregnant women during the epidemic

Dr. Shterev's advice to pregnant women during the epidemic
Dr. Shterev's advice to pregnant women during the epidemic

What do expectant mothers and their families need to know amid the coronavirus pandemic? We sought the answer to this question from the director of one of the large AG hospitals in Sofia - prof. Dr. Atanas Shterev.

„ It is believed that the flu epidemic does not particularly affect pregnant women. So far, no particular side effects are known. Miscarriages and premature births occur more often than usual. The tissues of pregnant women are more hydrophilic and this is a prerequisite for more severe inflammatory processes. The good news is that the Covid-19 virus is believed not to pass through the placental barrier and there is no evidence of children being born infected," he explained on the air of "Bulgaria morning".

Prof. Dr. Shterev recommends that after birth, the child should be separated from the mother if she tests positive for Covid-19. There is less harm if the child is not breastfed than if he gets sick after birth. The specialist advises in this situation of a pandemic to temporarily limit pregnancy. There is a strictly defined time - 11-13 weeks of gestation, when a pregnant woman should have an early screening, this should not be missed in any way, Prof. Dr. Shterev insisted to Bulgaria ON AIR.

“Not everyone who comes to the hospital can be tested. The patients themselves should be at a greater distance from each other, they should wear protective equipment, there should not be people waiting," he said. And he emphasized that hospitals and doctors are saved individually with protective clothing. With the announcement of the state of emergency, all the masks disappeared, now they have started to appear, we are constantly looking for helmets as well", noted Prof. Dr. Shterev. Protective glasses for medics are also missing.

He advised pregnant women to do physical activity at home and open the windows. According to him, physical activity can be done even in bed. However, they should not overdo it with food - they should eat often and in small amounts, without pasta.

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