16 interesting things we can do at home during quarantine

16 interesting things we can do at home during quarantine
16 interesting things we can do at home during quarantine

Concerts are postponed, sports events are canceled, schools are closed, work from home is recommended, and on top of that, tourism is now a mirage. As much as we dream of traveling somewhere, it will have to be mental or digital for now. And until the time comes to make our trip, we will actually have to stay at home for a while. What interesting things can we do at home during all this time, especially if we are quarantined?

1. Solve the puzzle that you still haven't had time for.

2. Start keeping a diary. Write down all ideas, thoughts and feelings. Finally after everything calms down and you go back to your old way of life, these ideas and thoughts can help you.

3. Play musical instrument.

4. Write messages to all friends that you haven't had time to communicate with in a long time.

5. Type poetry. Pour out your soul on the white sheet. This helps to shake off negative emotions.

6. Watch all the movies and series you didn't have time for before.

7. Read the books that you bought and were gathering dust on the shelf while you were at work and busy with all the other commitments that were taking away from your personal time.

8. Meditate. You will feel much better when you take your mind off the dark feelings that are raging inside of you. Breathe deeply.

9. Take care of your skin. You will have at least 14 days to build a daily plan to improve your appearance and skin condition, which you can continue to follow afterwards.

10. Start he althy eating regimen When one is at home it is much easier to structure one's diet and follow it. You don't eat out, you eat at home, which makes preparing your food exactly how you want it - with he althy ingredients and precise proportions - something that eating out can be difficult to achieve.

11. Draw. Unleash your talents.

12. Clean your home. Now it's time for you to do a major spring cleaning, get rid of your unnecessary belongings and give the new fresh energy a chance to flow into your home.

13. Clean out your wardrobe.

14. Chat on phone with your grandparents. If you haven't had time to pay enough attention to them in forever, do it now, you'll make them happy.

15. Put your enterprise into motion. After the crisis we are in subsides, the probability that the world will need new services and startups is high.You have plenty of time to think about a possible business plan to put into action in the future. Analyze your talents and abilities and consider which of them would benefit you in such an endeavor.

16. Enroll in online course to improve various skills. They may also benefit you after quarantine.

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