Foods that can trigger or worsen cold sores

Foods that can trigger or worsen cold sores
Foods that can trigger or worsen cold sores

Herpes is a terrible skin problem that, once it affects your body, can plague you for a lifetime with periodic occurrences. Herpes are usually provoked by stress, decline in the immune system, hormonal changes. The herpes virus remains in the body for life and is activated under certain circumstances, causing the appearance of painful blisters, usually accompanied by itching, redness, swelling of the skin in the affected area.

It turns out that certain foods can also trigger cold sores, as well as make an existing cold sore worse, according to he

These are foods that contain the amino acid arginine. Arginine is associated with activating an immune response that triggers cold sores. Arginine can also prolong the healing period as well as worsen the skin condition.

If herpes has broken out on the lips, where the breakout most often appears, it is especially important to avoid foods that provoke its aggravation. According to the Mayo Clinic, when eating foods containing arginine, direct contact of herpes with it can worsen the skin condition.

Foods with the highest arginine content are chocolate, dairy products, seeds, nuts.

How to boost your immunity while having herpes?

Improving the immune system is a key point in the fight against herpes. If you have a well-balanced immune system, cold sores will break out less often. Also, the healing process will be shorter if you have good immunity.

In order to have a good immune defense not only against the outbreaks of the herpes infection, but also against any infections, it is important to avoid sugar. Sugar causes tissue inflammation that weakens the immune system and makes fighting infections much more difficult.

Acid fruits and vegetables should also be avoided during an active herpes infection. Among them are mostly citrus fruits. They are highly acidic, provoke the opening of the wound, slow down the healing process, cause unpleasant symptoms.

Foods that contribute to faster healing and passing herpes are red tea, blue cheese, carrots, sweet potatoes, as well as all other foods rich in vitamin A. They contribute to the regulation of the T cells of the immune system by increasing the cellular response.

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