How to do makeup if your eyes are green?

How to do makeup if your eyes are green?
How to do makeup if your eyes are green?

Make-up is a very important part of the everyday life of the fairer sex, because it attracts attention, increases self-confidence and seduces. Choosing the right makeup depends on your skin tone, hair color and eyes. Green eyes are especially beautiful, but women often reach for the wrong shades to emphasize the color of the iris.

In the following lines you will find some tips on how to do makeup if you have green eyes.

Avoid silver shades

Bronze, honey and gold would look great on green eyes, but not silver. Metallic shades are suitable, especially for your evening look.

No black eyeliner

If you have green eyes, avoid applying black eyeliner or pencil. Instead, replace this color with blue or chocolate, coffee.


Make the eyes voluminous with a little white eyeliner or white pencil

You can open up your look by applying a white pencil. Just add a little white eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye, near the tear duct.

Wear Purple

Purple and green complement each other, especially when combined with violet eyeliner. Purple eyeshadow and violet eyeliner will look fantastic with green eyes, especially during the day.

Apply peach blush

Peach-colored blush highlights the cheekbones, giving expressiveness to the facial features. The peach color will match the green eye color and will definitely attract attention.


Use proofreader

It is an unpleasant feeling when we see dark circles under our eyes due to overwork and lack of sleep. For them, use a yellow shade of concealer to erase them and look fresh.

Shape your eyebrows

Don't forget to take care of the shape and good look of your eyebrows as well. Shape them with a pencil to color in some patchy areas. However, remember that the best eyebrow makeup is the one that is not noticeable. Use special eyebrow pencils and shadows.

Use warm colors

To make your eyes stand out, use warm colors. Warm golden,copper and bronze shades are best for green eyes.

Mix Colors

Don't stick to just one eyeshadow shade. Experiment with at least two colors, highlighting and shaping your eyes well. Don't forget to blend the shadows so there is no drastic contrast.

Use Mascara

Curl your lashes to open up your eyes and complete your makeup look. Apply mascara with warm undertones, such as brown, as this will compliment your eye color. Of course you can also try the blue shades, especially in the summer season.

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