Mistakes that make colds and viral infections worse

Mistakes that make colds and viral infections worse
Mistakes that make colds and viral infections worse

Virus infections, colds, flu, coronavirus infection are just some of the attacks that cause damage to the immune system and the body. They are part of our lives and we can hardly protect ourselves completely. However, when we get sick, there are some things we should definitely not do, because we make the symptoms worse and make recovery more difficult and slow.

What are the mistakes you should not make when you are sick?

You keep practicing

One of the most common mistakes many people make is to keep exercising because they feel better, have energy, and think it will improve their resistance.In fact, the opposite happens. When you have a viral infection, even a mild one, the body needs rest. If you don't stop exercising, it depletes the immune system further, making the cold worse.

You don't sleep enough

One of the most important things for a quick recovery and easier handling of colds and viral infections is good sleep. If you don't get enough sleep, it negatively affects your immune defenses and your body's ability to fight infection. You need to ensure as long and deep sleep as possible so that you can deal with the cold faster.

You keep drinking alcohol

When you don't feel so bad, you say to yourself - what the hell, I'll drink a glass of wine, it won't hurt. Alcohol can actually make colds and viral infections worse. It directly suppresses the immune system and makes it weaker, unable to function at full capacity, according to realsimple.com. In addition, alcohol interferes with sleep, which makes things even worse.

High stress levels

Stress must be suppressed constantly. It is all around us in our daily lives, so its influence must be controlled with practices that counteract it. In order to be he althy, stress must be constantly fought. This is even more true when you are sick. High levels of uncontrolled stress weaken immunity even more and make recovery a real challenge for the immune system. To reduce its impact on the body, watch movies, listen to music, meditate, use different deep breathing techniques, read a good book. Do whatever you enjoy when you're at home to reduce stress.

You are overdoing the nose drops

A blocked nose is a terrible problem. He can make days and nights impossible. This is why many people turn to decongestants, especially nasal drops. However, they should not be overdone, no matter how tempting it is.Nasal drops dry out the lining of the nose, making it even more susceptible to infection. The effect of the drops is often momentary, followed by an even more insurmountable blockage.

You don't drink enough fluids

Dehydration can worsen cold and flu symptoms. Drinking enough fluids is crucial for the body's healing processes. Fluids improve the body's ability to produce secretions, and also play an essential role in clearing a blocked nose. Moisturizing is also important for an irritated and sore throat. Liquids help remove toxins from the body.

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