What happens to the body if you use disinfectant every day?

What happens to the body if you use disinfectant every day?
What happens to the body if you use disinfectant every day?

Using disinfectant has become a daily routine for people all over the world. It is one of the most commonly used products since the beginning of 2020 after the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic. Some people use hand sanitizer even more often than soap and warm water to wash their hands.

However, it is important not to forget that the use of disinfectant is not a substitute for washing hands with soap and water, as advised by the World He alth Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention worldwide and the American and European food and drug administration?

What happens in the body if you use a lot of disinfectant every day?

You will kill bad as well as good germs

Billions of bacteria and microbes live on our skin, as well as in our entire body. Some of them are disease-causing, but others are vital to us, because thanks to them our body functions properly. Hand sanitizers kill both bad and good bacteria, putting the he alth of our skin and our entire body at risk. That's why it's better to wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible and use disinfectant only as a last resort.

You will deprive your body of the benefits of soap and water

Disinfectant cannot replace standard hygiene of washing with soap and water. It is the safest way to protect yourself from infections and bacteria, while not harming the flora of the skin. Use normal washing soap. Frequent use of antibacterial soap can also have potentially harmful effects on normal skin flora.

Disinfectant won't help you if you don't use it properly

Like soap and water, sanitizer won't be very effective if you don't use it properly. Proper use means applying enough of the product to the hands to cover the entire surface, including between the fingers and in the creases of the hands. Its rubbing should last at least 20 seconds. If you wipe off the sanitizer before it dries and before a minimum of 20 seconds have passed, it won't have time to kill the bacteria and viruses on the skin.

Overuse of disinfectant can lead to bacterial resistance to antibiotics

The administration of antibiotics itself carries this risk, especially if they are used without a doctor's prescription and in an illegal way. Using disinfectants every day and even several times can further worsen the condition of the microflora in your skin and body, which can make it resistant to antibiotics. This vicious cycle can cause some bacteria to overgrow, which could make treatment more difficult if needed.

Skin can become dry and vulnerable

Regular and excessive use of disinfectants can damage the skin, breaking its lipid layer, which aims to protect it from the influence of the atmosphere and the attacks of various pathogens from the environment. Dry skin is much more susceptible to infection and inflammation. It is important to apply moisturizers immediately after using a disinfectant.

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