How the coronavirus has affected society and our spirit - watch on the Day ON AIR

How the coronavirus has affected society and our spirit - watch on the Day ON AIR
How the coronavirus has affected society and our spirit - watch on the Day ON AIR

Traditionally, the end of the year is a time for taking stock. In this different year, the world, as divided as it is, has united in one - the fight against the coronavirus. This unknown virus presented humanity with new challenges and imposed a new reality. In its final editions for this year, the show "The Day ON AIR" will analyze how COVID-19 has affected politics, the economy, society and our spirit.

On December 24, presenter Ganiela Angelova will welcome Western and Central European Metropolitan Antony to the studio, with whom they will talk about the strength of spirit and faith in these difficult times.And what was the year for Bulgarian music, one of the most popular singers - Silvia Katsarova will talk.

On Christmas, "Day ON AIR" will be a reserved place for culture and festive mood. Will this Christmas be different for one of the most beloved singers, Vasil Naydenov, and what was 2020 like for him - watch on December 25, from 19:30, on Bulgaria ON AIR. In the second part of the show, we will find out how the pandemic affected the writer Kalin Terziyski and whether isolation gives birth to new literary masterpieces.

On December 28, the writer Dimitar Nedkov and the public figure Stoyan Denchev will comment on how the political elites in the world managed the crisis caused by the pandemic. In the "Day ON AIR" studio, they will also talk about how to change our philosophy of life after COVID-19 and who are the heroes of today.

On December 29, "ON AIR Day" will be dedicated to the difficulties facing society, science and art. Anthropologist Haralan Alexandrov, Prof. Hristo Pimpirev, director Boyko Iliev and actress Kristina Miteva will talk about the new reality in the world.

On December 30, in the studio of Bulgaria ON AIR, experts from various fields will outline what 2020 was like in political, economic and social terms. The presenter Ganiela Angelova will talk with Prof. Antoineta Hristova, political psychologist, with political scientist Lyubomir Stefanov, with the chief economic analyst of the Bulgarian Development Bank Iliya Lingorski, as well as with Milen Keremedchiev, former deputy minister of foreign affairs.

Don't miss the 2020 balance sheet in the special editions of "The Day ON AIR" from December 23, every weekday, on.

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