How to disinfect the cutting board?

How to disinfect the cutting board?
How to disinfect the cutting board?

The cutting board is a breeding ground for many bacteria Especially from cutting and processing meatand meat products, on its surface a number of he alth-threatening disease-causing bacteria are introduced and propagated, which are not always successfully removed with preparations for washing dishes.

A common mistake of housewives is only rinsing the board and continuing to cut vegetables or other products, immediately after cutting meat This is risky precisely because of the bacteria contained in raw meat and the danger they carry.

That's why it's good to clean the cutting board but not with any chemical agent, but with the good old household tools, which, however, turn out to be a powerful tool fordisinfection!

Vinegar for disinfection


Using water and detergent to clean a wooden cutting board can weaken the wood fibers and make it more brittle and delaminating. If you use a plastic board, you probably won't have this problem, but there are many cuts on it that are extremely difficult to clean with ordinary detergent.

To thoroughly disinfect the board, wipe it with a sponge thoroughly soaked in vinegar. The acids in it will have a strong effect on harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and staphylococci. In addition to neutralizing them, vinegar also removes the unpleasant smell from the cutting board. Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse.

Hydrogen peroxide

Also known as perhydrol, hydrogen peroxide works well for cleaning kitchen boards and other cutting surfaces.

It kills bacteria and prevents them from multiplying instantly. To kill them, coat the cutting board liberally with perhydrol using a paper towel. It is good to smear the board after treating it with vinegar for safer disinfection.



Lemons are very suitable not only for cleaning, but also for removing strong odors from cutting products such as onions, fish, meat, spices. Simply rub half a lemon vigorously over the entire surface of the board. Wait a few minutes for it to work and rinse.

Baking soda


Whether you use a wooden or plastic cutting board, baking soda is a very powerful deep cleaner, even in the crevices. It also helps eliminate bad odors. With a tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in a little lukewarm water - very little to make a paste, rub the entire surface of the board, focusing on the middle where it gets the most use.



Baking s alt, like baking soda, acts as an abrasive that deeply removes bacteria from the cutting board. You can prepare a cleaning paste by mixing a few spoons of s alt, the juice of one lemon and one spoon of baking soda. A guaranteed "cure" against disease-causing microorganisms on the cutting board.


Bleach is an aggressive agent against bacteria in the bathroom and kitchen. Prepare a disinfecting solution with one teaspoon of bleach diluted in 2 liters of water.Use it to clean kitchen surfaces, stains on the floor, stains on kitchen cabinets and especially on your kitchen counter.

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